To stay up to date on the status of buy-ins make sure your in the buy-in group:

Please DO NOT combine ready to ship (RTS) and Buy-in items in the same order. This will delay the shipping of your items until all items in the order are ready to be shipped.

What is a Pre-Order/Buy-in? This is where I order in bulk from suppliers at wholesale to get the best and cheapest prices possible. Ordering in bulk allows us to meet minimum order quantities (MOQ) so everyone is able to get a better price for the items they want. 

These items often come from overseas and could take up to 8 weeks to arrive. The wait is worth it so you can save money and grow your business! Shipping times are an estimate and not guaranteed.

NOTE: Shipping will now be included with MOST preordered items. This way items will ship without having to pay another invoice for shipping!