When placing an order for buy-ins/pre-orders you understand that these items are not in stock and will be ordered once the buy-in closes. These items could take up to 8 weeks to arrive to me. Once the items arrive to me I will send those that participated in the pre-order a shipping invoice.

Once the shipping invoice is paid, the items will be shipped to you. 

NOTE: No cancelling or requesting a refund of paid orders for buy-ins or preorders. This is because the funds are used to order the items from the supplier.

  • There will be NO refunds if you decide you don't want to wait for the items to arrive. This is because like I've said before I use the money to order from the supplier so then I am refunding money I no longer have.
  • Do not combine RTS (ready to ship) items and preorder items on the same order. Doing so will delay the shipping of you RTS items until the buy-in items arrive.